Sunday, July 2, 2017

I Have A Dream ...

One of the most rewarding parts of “performing” at an event as Miss Pickles is the special interaction I have with the children. There is often instant chemistry between us, as young people believe they are in the presence of a cartoon character come to life. They know I am there solely for them. It is a pure, almost magical relationship that I hope to share across the globe some day.

To date, I have never had a gig in a hospital, orphanage or children's home, yet my heart yearns to love on the kids in each of these types of facilities. It breaks my heart of think of precious little ones who might be injured, without family, impoverished or otherwise in need, and I'd love to introduce them to Miss Pickles. I hope to travel to Europe, Asia, Africa and beyond to share my brand of joy with the beautifully unique children from various cultures,

Twisting balloons and painting faces are simple activities, but the joy they can bring is impactful. A latex sword or painted butterfly can lift someone's countenance, edify a wounded spirit, and initiate a smile that spreads across a precious, young face. In this way, I consider what I do as Miss Pickles a ministry. I feel privileged to share the very essence of God by approaching my clients, children and their families, with love, and I look forward to expanding this ministry worldwide.