Thursday, June 26, 2014

Why Clowns Aren't Scary!

Ugh … that Pennywise! Thanks to great writers like @Stephen King, an entire generation of readers and movie watchers remain petrified of clowns. Admittedly, coulrophobia or fear of clowns did not originate because of the prolific Mr. King. A surprising number of people seem put off, even freaked out by painted people or someone with a “hidden identity.” I get it … I do. I was creeped out by the clown doll in “Amityville Horror” too. It's powerful when something that is supposed to be innocent turns sinister. Look how often children and even babies (painted too pale or with disturbing posture) are used to scare the stuffing out of us.

The stereotype for clowns has shifted. The beloved bumbling jester in too-large shoes and too-small car is too often portrayed as a talon-toothed distortion peeping thru windows or stalking folks thru the woods. Those distorted creatures do not possess the pure nature of the kind of clowns which seek only to bring joy not fear. As with angels and demons, they are the same type of being but with two very different motivations.

In my guise as Miss Pickles, I am clown-esque in minimized make-up with attire that offers a different silhouette from the baggy, big-buttoned onesie. But I have the heart of the fun-loving, goofball clown whose sole purpose is to make a child smile. Sappy sweet? Perhaps. But in a time when children are often injured or mistreated, couldn't the world use a little more of that sentiment?

I still love you, Stephen King. On Writing is life-changing … or, at least, craft-changing. Will somebody please hug a clown today?
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